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Japanese version Pokemon Gold [01 Feb 2005|08:51pm]

If I don't watch out, I'll start collecting games too... mother of crap, why do I have to collect everything I like?~!? *weeps into empty wallet* So, this will make the fourth Japanese game I own... for Game Boy I have some funky Kuniokun vollyball game that's thrown in a box somewhere, then for GBC there's the pokemon above and Sakura Taisen GB Geki - Hanagumi Nyuutai!, I also used to have the L'Arc tomarunner game thinger for Playstation, but since I didn't have a playstation, I gave it to Joe way back when. I want it back, but apparantly he lost it... ;_;

japanese version pokemon cheats

x-posted to my main journal natsukigirl
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Leaf Green Progress [26 Sep 2004|06:39pm]
Name: Natsuki
Character: Female
ID #: 44794
Carts Used: Leaf Green
Badges: 8
Beat Elite Four: Yes
1st Hall of Fame: 37:32:20
Card: green, one star, hall of fame sticker, team icons
Captured (kanto): 94
Captured (national/total): 112
Unowns?: 13 (out of 26 kinds)
Shiny/Alt. Color?: None
Total Play Time: 46:00
Current Location: Seven Island, Rixy Chamber
Current Team:
Raichu (lv. 59) - Double Team, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Slam
w/(quick claw item)
Gyarados (lv. 58) - Rock Smash, Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Surf
w/ (mystic water item)
Farfech'd (lv. 58) - Swords Dance, Fly, Cut, False Swipe
w/ (stick item)
Articuno (lv. 53) - Mind Reader, Agility, Ice Beam, Blizzard
w/ (nevermeltice item)
Togepi (lv. 32) - Yawn, Ancientpower, Metronome, Wish
w/ (amulet coin item)
Chancey (lv. 26) - Minimize, Double Slap, Refresh, Softboiled
w/ (lucky punch item)

I've returned the ruby and sapphire to Celio, so I should be able to trade my 200 Ru/Sa pokes over to Leaf now (and vice versa), so my nation dex total will leap to around 300 or so, after trading and retrading pokes between the two. That is going to take a DECADE to do... sheez.
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busy busy busy! [21 Sep 2004|01:53pm]
I've been too busy with life, leaf green, and my other journals recently, however I will continue the Gold and Ruby walkthroughs here in a few days. I may cut back my posting as much as to post once per week (well, twice... once for Gold, and once for Ruby).

Within the month I'm planning to finally purchase Fire, and begin that walkthrough. A few months down the road I'm also planning to grab the Japanese version of Emerald, and write out a review for that (the Emerald walkthough will happen much much later, when the English version finally comes out... and it will be annexed to the Ruby walkthrough [anything that differs in it, from Ruby, will be added as a post of side notes to it]).

My pokemon website may also be up in a while...
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LEAF GREEN & FIRE RED RELEASE [08 Sep 2004|04:35pm]
Woke up... showered... raced to Hollywood Video's game section... and...

(leaf green version + free wireless adapter = $38 - $6 credit = $32)
(the feeling of finally being about to play it = priceless)

In a few months Fire Red will be purchased... and the walkthrough will begin.
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Pokemon Ruby : Day 3 : RUSTBORO CITY [02 Sep 2004|02:11pm]
Starting Time: 3:35
Starting Location: RUSTBORO CITY
Starting Team: Torchic (lv. 12), Ralts (lv. 11), Shroomish (lv. 8), Cascoon (lv. 8), Zigzagoon (lv. 4)

Before heading on into RUSTBORO I trained my Shroomish up to lv. 12 and Cascoon up to lv. 10. Shroomish learned LEECH SEED at lv. 10, and Cascoon evolved into Dustox and learned CONFUSION. Ok... onward!

As usual, talk around town (even though the city is overrun with toddlers!!), visit all the buildings, and so on. The first building you see, to the left, as you enter the city is the DEVON CORP. apartment building, on the second floor a little kid will give you the PREMIER BALL. The POKEMART here stocks; POKEBALL, POTION, SUPER POTION, ANTIDOTE, PARLYZ HEAL, ESCAPE ROPE, REPEL, X SPEED, X ATTACK, and X DEFEND.

The house next the the POKECENTER is CUTTER'S HOUSE, drop in there for a visit and get HM01 CUT. Across the street from the POKECENTER, to the right is the SCHOOL, talk to the teacher there for the QUICK CLAW item. The building to the right of the GYM is home to one of the dozens of little toddlers that populate RUSTBORO, he'll want to trade you Makuhita for a Slakoth. I wouldn't bother, really.

Before heading into the big DEVON CORP. building, go ahead and face the GYM and claim your first badge. If you chose Mudkip as your starter this GYM will be a snap, if not your Shroomish's ABSORB move should be just fine. The first GYM trainee will use three Geodudes (lv. 10, 8, and 6), the second (lv. 11 Geodude), ROXANNE will battle with a lv. 14 Geodude and a lv. 15 Nosepass. After your Shroomish or Mudkip kicks her butt you'll get the STONE BADGE, the ability to use HM01 CUT outside of battle, and as a bonus she'll give you TM39 ROCK TOMB.

After you exit the GYM, begin heading left toward DEVON CORP. A Team Magma grunt will run past, he's stolen the DEVON GOODS, he will be followed by the man you met looking for a Shroomish in PETALBURG WOODS. The man will chase the Magma grunt up and out of view. Follow them up to the exit of RUSTBORO, but don't head right just yet, continue up and out of the city, and onto ROUTE 115. Keep going until you see the beach, head onto the beach and go to the very top, where a SUPER POTION will be waiting to be grabbed. Then head back out of the beach and down to the entrance of RUSTBORO and hang a right.

As you walk past the man he will recognize you and ask you to help retrieve the GOODS. So continue to the right onto ROUTE 116, home to wild Whismurs. You'll come to a split in the path. First head up and right, and battle the trainer there (lv. 8 Zigzagoon, lv. 10 Machop). Then loop back left and down, then right and battle that trainer (lv. 8 Wurmple, lv. 8 Silcoon, lv. 8 Nincada). Don't forget to check the empty grass patches for a REPEL. You'll pass two more trainers, a girl (lv. 10 Marill) and a hiker (three lv. 8 Geodudes).

Now loop up and to the left a smidge to the little tree maze and cut the first tiny tree (teach one of your pokemon the CUT move, I put mine on my Zigzagoon). As you cut through the trees on your way to the stand of berry trees, you'll face two trainers. The little nerdy guy will battle with a lv. 10 Ralts, the girl with a lv. 9 Shroomish and Whismur. You're reward is an ETHER, six Pinap berries, and two Chesto berries. Don't forget to water the Chesto seedling before you leave.

Head back out of the tree maze and make your way to the right for a bit until you reach the tunnel entrance. Before entering the tunnel climb up onto the mountain and grab the X SPECIAL that's waiting there. Then make your way back to the tunnel. Mr. Briney is there, talk to him for a moment, then enter the tunnel. First head up to the platform and grab the POKEBALL, then come back down and head right through the tunnel. As you approch PEEKO and the Team Magma grunt he'll back away. Keep approching him and finally he will stop and battle with a lv. 11 Poochyena. Now you're got the DEVON GOODS, and Mr. Briney will appear to retrieve PEEKO. He'll thank you and inform you that he owes you a favor.

Head back left trhough ROUTE 116 until you are back in RUSTBORO. The man will stop you to get the GOODS and thank you. He'll always reward you with a GREAT BALL. He'll then take you back to DEVON CORP. where you'll meet Mr. Stone, head of DEVON. Mr. Stone will ask you to deliver the GOODS to the shipyard in SLATEPORT, and also a letter to DEWFORD. He'll then give you the POKENAV. As you leave the office, on the second floor talk to all the scientists, one of them will say he's working on a project to restore fossils to their original form. Remember him.

Head down and out of RUSTBORO. May will be there near the lower exit, but don't worry, she won't battle you. Head down through ROUTE 104. After you cross the bridge the twins are on, make a right to the little tree and cut it to reach the X ACCURACY. Then continue to head down to the WOODS. When you enter make a right to the two little trees, cut them and continue right. If you head up a little you'll see an empty spot that seems as if something should be there, stand in front of it and hit 'A' for a TINY MUSHROOM. Also, talk to the girl who is standing nearby, she will give you the MIRACLE SEED hold item.

Continue up and to the right, grab the GREAT BALL, then head down. Go straight down as far as possible, face the empty patch to score abother TINY MUSHROOM. Now loop up, too the left, and up some more, snag the X ATTACK, then head down and out of the WOODS exit. You're now back on ROUTE 104, jump the ledge and head left to Mr. Briney's cottage. Talk to him and sail off to DEWFORD!

Ending Time: 5:10
Ending Location: DEWFORD
Ending Team: Torchic (lv. 13), Ralts (lv. 13), Shroomish (lv. 14), Dustox (lv. 12), Zigzagoon (lv. 5)
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Pokemon Ruby : Day 2 : PETALBURG CITY / ROUTE 104 / WOODS [29 Aug 2004|06:45pm]
Starting Time: 1:27
Starting Location: PETALBURG CITY
Starting Team: Torchic (lv. 11), Ralts (lv. 6), Poochyena (lv. 3)

Before I head into PETALBURG CITY I trained my Ralts up to lv. 10 (want her to be my main poke, with Torchic secondary), and caught a Zigzagoon to pick up items as I trained. She picked up a SUPER POTION and two RARE CANDIES.

All righty... so head on in to PETALBURG CITY, head straight to the POKECENTER and heal up. While you're there, talk to the guy standing next to the computer. He will ask for your profile, tell him "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING" (I'll explain why later on). Head out of the POKECENTER and talk to the lady to the left. This is WALLY's (your second rival) mother.

The POKEMART here carries: POKEBALL, POTION, ANTIDOTE, PARLYZ HEAL, AWAKENING, ESCAPE ROPE, REPEL, X SPEED, X ATTACK, X DEFEND, and ORANGE MAIL. If your Zigzagoon picked up any NUGGETS, sell them here. Buy several POKEBALLS, you'll be encountering new pokemon in a few moments. Also deposit any pokemon you don't want to use any longer in your box, to make room for the new pokemon you'll catch. I dropped off Poochyena.

Talk around town as usual, then head up to the house to the left of the GYM, a boy will stop you to talk. He will show you the PETALBURG GYM then go back to where he was. You will not be able to visit the house (WALLY's house) until you go inside the GYM and talk to your father. So head on in.

WALLY will enter the GYM and ask your father for a pokemon. Your father will have you go show WALLY how to capture pokemon. He'll catch a Ralts. After all that, head out of the GYM and go to the house to the left.

That's all the action there is in PETALBURG for the moment, so head out of the city to the left. Now you're on ROUTE 104. Walk around a bit, talk to people. Catch a Taillow or a Wingull here if you'd like. Hit the beach and battle the trainer there (the running kid - lv. 6 Seedot and a lv. 8 Taillow). No one is home at MR. BRINEY's cottage... so head out of ROUTE 104. Grab the berries from the colorful trees on your way out (2 ORAN, and 2 PECHA). Head to the left from the trees and battle the trainer there (lv. 7 Zigzagoon). Up a bit and now you're in PETALBURG WOODS.

Once in the woods, hang a right, talk to the guy there for a moment, and then continue to the right. See that empty spot in the grass? Walk next to it (not on it), face it, and press 'A'. You just scored a POTION. Now head down and out of the woods to the upper level of ROUTE 104 that you couldn't reach before. Grab the POKEBALL on the ground, then leap down the hill, and loop back up and too the right to the original entrance to PETALBURG WOODS. This time go left and battle the BUGCATCHER (he has six lv. 3 Wurmples... how boring). During this battle my Ralts raised to lv. 11 and learned DOUBLE TEAM.

In PETALBURG WOODS you'll run into Shroomish. It's a good idea to catch a couple. You'll want to store some in your box (you'll need them later in the game) and train one, as it evolves into quite a good little fighter/grass type. I caught one for my team. You will also run into Silcoon (which evolves into Beautifly) and Cascoon (which evolves into Dustox). Silcoon and Cascoon are two different (conditional) evolves of Wurmple. But, instead of training two Wurmples and hoping for each, just catch them in the wild. I've never used a Dustox before, so I'll catch a Cascoon and train it.

After you've picked up your new pokemon, train around a bit to balance out the levels of your team. You no longer need lv. 3 pokemon, so raise everyone up to at least 8~9, and leave one (Zigzagoon, in my case) at lv. 5~6 for catching purposes. A little rule of thumb: Whichever pokemon you designate as the one you will use to harm (but not KO) pokemon that you want to catch, keep them at, or one level under the general level of the wild pokemon in the area you are in.

Let's continue to wind through PETALBURG WOODS as we train. Grab the PARLYZ HEAL just beyond the BUGCATCHER you battled just before. Head right, the up and you'll encounter a man who is looking around for a Shroomish. Suddenly a TEAM MAGMA grunt will appear and battle you (lv. 9 Poochyena). After the battle the man will reward you with a GREAT BALL. Now continue on through the woods heading up and left.

You'll encounter a non-trainer kid who brilliantly tells you not to walk in the grass, even though that is impossible at the moment. While training around my Shroomish hits lv. 7 and learns STUNE SPORE. My Cascoon also reaches lv. 7. Continue left, loop up and battle the second BUGCATCHER (lv. 8 Nincada). Go up and grab the ETHER. Head right. You'll see two small trees. Those can be cut down later once you've taught CUT to one of your pokemon, and earned the next badge. Up a bit is the exit from the woods into the second half of ROUTE 104. If you've trained enough, head on up and out.

Once you are out of the woods, make a left and get TM09 (BULLET SEED) from the kid standing there, also be sure to pick the berries (2 Cheri and 2 Oran). Go up and go into the PRETTY PETAL FLOWER SHOP. Talk to the girls there. One of them will give you the WAILMER PAIL which you can use to replant and water berries. Another girl will give you a Pecha berry. Once you're done, head out of the shop, go left and loop up around the back of the shop. Stand by the first empty patch in the grass, face it and press 'A' there's a POKEBALL, now grab the POTION, Now check all the other empty patches, as you did with the first one. You'll score a SUPER POTION.

Now head out from behind the shop and go right. Battle the two girl trainers (lv. 7 Zigzagoon) and then (lv. 7 Lotad and lv. 7 Shroomish). Now head up onto the bridge and battle the twins. This is your first two-on-two battle (skipable), so arrange your pokemon so that the first two you want to battle with are up front. They will battle with a lv. 7 Seedot and a lv. 7 Lotad. Continue up, then make a right and battle the fisherman (three lv. 6 Magicarp). Go to the right some more and pick the two Cheri berries and the two Leppa berries. Talk to the old lady and she'll give you a Chesto berry.

Now head back left a bit and up. When you come to the fence, go to the right and loop around up behind the fence and follow the little path there. At the end of the path is an X DEFEND. Snag it, and wind back down and out.

Now go left and then up into RUSTBORO CITY!

Ending Time: 3:35
Ending Location: RUSTBORO CITY
Ending Team: Torchic (lv. 12), Ralts (lv. 11), Shroomish (lv. 8), Cascoon (lv. 8), Zigzagoon (lv. 4)
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Pokemon Ruby : Day 1 : START [27 Aug 2004|09:15pm]
Starting Time: 0:15
Starting Location: LITTLEROOT TOWN
Starting Team: Torchic (lv. 8)

Start the game as usual, set your text speed (I set mine to fast), choose a character, name, set your room clock, grab the potion from the computer in your room, talk around town, visit your rivals house, then head up to ROUTE 101. Here's you'll save PROF. BIRCH and get to choose your starter. As you can see, I chose Torchic. I always choose the fire starter, at least where my base carts are concerned. Ruby isn't my base cart (which is why I chose it for this replay walkthrough), but I chose Torchic anyway.

After PROF. BIRCH talks your ear off and gives you your starter, head back up to ROUTE 101 for some easy training. Here is where I am now. I've fought several Wurmples, Poochyenas, and Zigzagoons, and raised Torchic to lv. 8. This early in the game, at such low levels, I didn't bother with using Growl or Focus Energy... just use your initial Attack move in battle. Now I'm ready for OLDALE TOWN. So continue heading up.

You probably need to heal (if you saved your POTION, that is) so head into the POKECENTER and heal your starter. After you've healed, head up and talk to the lady in the apron. She's the POKEMART lady, she'll show you to the POKEMART and give you a POTION. When she's done, check out the store. You can buy POTION, ANTIDOTE, PARLYZ HEAL, and AWAKENING here. I'm not stocking up on items just yet. Then walk and talk around town. You can't leave town by the left path yet, the nerdy guy will stop you. So head on up to ROUTE 103.

Avoid fighting too many wild pokemon in ROUTE 103, so you will be in good health when you meet up with MAY (your rival). If you picked Torchic as your starter, she'll battle with with a lv. 5 Mudkip (Treeko if you picked Mudkip, and Torchic if you picked Treeko). Once the battle has ended, head back down to LITTLEROOT. MAY will stop you for a moment in OLDALE to remind you to come home to LITTLEROOT.

Once you're back in LITTLEROOT, head into PROF. BIRCH's lab to recieve your POKEDEX. MAY will also give you five POKEBALLs. Then head out, and go see your mother who is standing outside the front door of your house. She's stop you if you try to walk past. She will give you the RUNNING SHOES. Hold 'B' while walking to run. If you didn't heal in OLDALE on your way home to LITTLEROOT, you can go to your house and talk to you mom, she will ask you to rest, and restore you pokemon to full health.

Exciting so far... right? Hehe

Head back up to OLDALE TOWN. The nerdy guy has stopped blocking the left exit to ROUTE 102, so head to the left. Continue heading left and you'll encounter a couple of trainers who will battle you. The first will battle you with a lv. 5 Zigzagoon, the second with two lv. 4 Wurmples. Easy pickin's. Now my Torchic is up to lv. 10, and has learned Ember.

In the grass of ROUTE 102 you will encounter Seedot (in Sapphire version Seedot is replaced by Lotad) and the psychic type Ralts (which eventually evolves into Gardevoir, one of my favorite pokemon). I caught a lv. 3 Poochyena (for catching new pokemon when Torchic get's too powerful) and a lv. 4 Ralts and then train him around ROUTE 102 for a while. You'll have to put him in front on your team, and then switch him with your starter once the battle starts, because wild Ralts only have Growl to start with.

Or, with your Ralts, you can encounter a Seedot (moves: harden and bide) which can only attack back when attacked, use up all your PP for Growl, and then fight with STRUGGLE (a hidden move pokemon use when all the PP for all of their moves has been used up). Make sure to bring along extra POTION, because if Ralts faints he'll get back all 40PP on the Growl move when you heal him at the POKECENTER, and you'll have to start all over widdling down the PP. Ralts will learn Confusion at lv. 6. Afterwhich you can start leveling him up much faster.

It's also good (yet not essencial) to have a Zigzagoon on your team, as it often picks up items (POTIONS, NUGGETS [which can be sold]... etc) randomly after battles. If you add one to your team, check it for items after every battle, and take them (as Zigzagoon can only pick up and hold one item at a time).

On your way left and up along ROUTE 102 you'll encounter another trainer battle, he has a lv. 5 Poochyena and a lv. 3 Taillow. After you defeat him, go to the colorful trees and pick the berries. 2 Pecha berries and 2 Oran berries can be found here. Oran berries restore 10HP, and can be held by pokemon, and automatically used in battle when their HP hits the yellow zone. Pecha berries heal poisoning, and can also be held and will automatically heal your pokemon in battle if poisoned. Now continue to the left and face the girl trainer (two lv.4 Zigzagoons). After her, head down and grab the POTION. Loop back up and to the left and you've arrived in PETALBURG CITY.

That's all for tonight.

Ending Time: 1:27
Ending Location: PETALBURG CITY
Ending Team: Torchic (lv. 11), Ralts (lv. 6), Poochyena (lv. 3)
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I'm bored with waiting! [26 Aug 2004|03:36pm]
I'm going to start on a Ruby walkthough as we all wait for Leaf/Fire.

I'll start posting that tonight.
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Hi all [06 Aug 2004|04:59pm]
Yes, I'm back... but instead of finishing the Gold/Silver walkthrough, I'm going to wait a few weeks for Fire and Leaf to come out, and just continue the journal from there.

In the meantime... which do you suggest I start with? Fire, or Leaf?
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- Journal Post - [16 Feb 2004|11:58pm]
This particular post is not part of the Pokemon Gold walkthrough.

I just wanted to mention that my recent posts are just to get the journal started. I would have rather started this when Ruby/Sapphire came out, and have it be an actual journal of my personal game play. However, I didn't get the idea for this until just recently.

The main purpose of this journal will eventually be to give a personalized account of my playing of the Fire Red / Leaf Green games that will eventually come out in the US, and the results of trading Fire/Leaf pokemon over to Ru/Sa (in my case, Sapphire, which is my base cart).

So if you think my Pokemon Gold walkthrough is a bit boring (it is sort of boring for me as well, as I have already played it, silver, and crystal already in the past) check back when the new games are released in the US, and it might be more interesting.

Thanks to those of you who are enjoying my recent posts! :)
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Pokemon Gold : Day 5 : UNION CAVE / AZALEA TOWN / ILLEX FOREST [16 Feb 2004|11:49pm]
Starting Time: 3 hours 43min
Starting Location: UNION CAVE
Starting Team: Quilava (lv. 15), Unown K (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 7), Mareep (lv. 9), Wooper (lv. 6), Mystery Egg

I'm going to stop using my Unown K for the rest of the game. So here is what I've learned about him: Unown K's HIDDEN POWER is super effective against; Flying, Rock, and Grass type pokemon, but very uneffective against Fire and Psychic type pokemon. Unown K is resistant to Fire type attacks.

The next few areas of the game are easy and quick. I guess the makers of the game are just as impatient about getting to the "good part" as you are. So hurry on into UNION CAVE with a healed team. Unlike some other areas of the game, and past games, UNION CAVE is not a maze, simply walk on through and you can't get lost. UNION CAVE is home to Geodude, Onix, Zubat, and Sandshrew. So pick some up if you like rock-types. Right away to the end of the first "hallway" there will be your first (skipable) trainer (lv. 11 Onix) and a POTION. Beat him with your leveled up Wooper or an Unknown K (if you have one). After that you'll fight two more trainers with level 6~8 Geodudes and Koffings.

Before you exit the cave at the bottom right, loop up to the left and battle the trainer infront of the ladder (lv. 10 Slowpoke, lv. 9 Vulpix). Go down this ladder to find TM39, Swift! Don't forget to also pick up the X DEFEND, AWAKENING, GREAT BALL, and X ATTACK that are scattered (and easily spotted) around the cave before you exit on to ROUTE 33.

ROUTE 33 is home to a new pokemon, Hoppip, so be sure to catch one for yourself. There will be a trainer here with a lv. 11 geodude and machop. Before long you'll come up upon a man dressed in black blocking the way down a ladder, this is the SLOWPOKE WELL just outside of Azalea. Remember the shady guy a little while back who was trying to sell you Slowpoke tails? This is where he got them from. TEAM ROCKET has taken all the AZALEA TOWN Slowpoke and cut their tails off! He won't fight you and won't let you pass, so continue on into AZALEA TOWN to the left.

As usual, talk to everyone, and explore every building. Eventually you will come upon a house with a tree behind it. Pick the tree for a WHT APRICORN. Then head on into the house. Here you'll meet Kurt the pokeball maker, and his young daughter. He'll give you LURE BALL (good for catching pokemon that you find by fishing) and you'll tell him about the strange man by the well and he'll race off toward the SLOWPOKE WELL. Head back to the well and go down the ladder. Kurt will be hurt and ask you to go ahead into the well and battle the TEAM ROCKET grunts. There are only two who will battle you with realtively low level Rattatas.

Now head back into town and talk to Kurt again. After talking to him, exit his house and re-enter, now he will ask you if you'd like him to make you a pokeball with an apricorn. Give him your WHT APRICORN and he'll ask you to come back tomorrow for it.

Congrats, you've saved the Slowpoke!

Now it's time to face the second gym for your second badge. Train a bit more if you need. Here you'll want to battle with your MAREEP/FLAAFFY (electric type) and your QUILAVA (if you chose Cyndaquil as your starter), as all the trainers and the gym leader will be using only bug pokemon, which are weak against Fire and Electric attacks. It should be easy if you've been training well along the way.

After the gym it's time to make our way on to the next city, via the mysteriously creepy ILLEX FOREST! MAke sure you heal at the pokecenter before even going NEAR the left exit, because you'll have to face your rival before entering ILLEX FOREST! He may be rather tough, depending on how well you've trained, and what types you have. After beating your rival, head right on in, talk to the young man standing just above the first bank of trees, he'll tell you that he's lost his master's FARFETCH'D. Head on deeper into the woods and talk to the FARFETCH'D, each time he will caw and run away from you deeper into the forest, when you get him in an open area, walk around to his right and talk to him, this way he will run off down and to the left, back to the young man. The master will be there and will give you the HM CUT!

Since you've already beaten the gym in AZALEA, you can use it right away. Teach it to one of your pokemon. Before you cut through the tree just above where the master and Farfetch'd are standing, go back through the forest the way you chased the bird pokemon, and find the man standing over a ledge by some small trees. Talk to him for the HEADBUTT move. If you want to try it out, teach it to one of you pokemon, now you can knock pokemon out of small trees by walking up to one and pressing 'A'.

Now you can go back to where the CUT master is and head up through the rest of ILLEX FOREST. Simply wind your way through until you arrive at a building, the entrance to GOLDENROD CITY!

It should be around now, or in a few minutes that your MYSTERY EGG will hatch (I hope you've kept it with you this whole time)! If so, you'll be the happy new owner of a TOGEPI! My TOGEPI hatched as I was chasing FARFETCH'D, so when I got the HEADBUTT move, I put it on TOGEPI.

Head on through the entrance and face the four trainers just outside the city limits.

Ending Time: 5 hours 32min
Ending Location: GOLDENROD CITY
Ending Team: Quilava (lv. 17), Flaaffy (lv. 17), Zubat (lv. 11), Togepi (lv. 10), Wooper (lv. 6), Hoppip (lv. 6)
- ][ c a p t u r e d ? ][ -

Pokemon Gold : Day 4 : VIOLET CITY GYM / ROUTE 32 [14 Feb 2004|02:55am]
Starting Time: 2 hours 7min
Starting Location: VIOLET CITY / 1st GYM
Starting Team: Quilava (lv. 14), Unown K (lv. 8), Zubat (lv. 2)

After training a bit more around the outside of VIOLET CITY, break into the gym and squash the two trainers and Faulkner. My leve 9/10 Unown K blazed through all the level 7~9 flyers with Hidden Power (K's HIDDEN POWER is super effective against grass and flying types).

As soon as you exit the gym Prof. Elm will call and tell you to meet his assistant at the VIOLET CITY Pokecenter with important news about the MYSTERY EGG. Head over and get the egg from him. The egg will hatch sooner or later based on the number of steps you take in the game, so, if you like, walk around town for a bit before heading back to the gym and down the path to ROUTE 32. Make sure you heal before leaving the Pokecenter.

Head down the path, past the RUINS OF ALPH's East entrance and past a trainer who will not challange you. Stop and talk to him to obtain MIRACLE SEED, and continue on down. Here you'll encounter two new pokemon, MAREEP and WOOPER. I nabbed one of each for my team. MAREEP will eventually fully evolve into AMPHAROS later on, one of my favorite electric types, so be sure to get one for yourself.

Head down a bit more to face the first trainer on ROUTE 32. Take him out, then head down a few steps, to the left a few steps, and then down again for a POTION. Come out of the grass and around to the right again to battle the girl on her cellie. After making a fuss she'll battle you with a female NIDORAN. After you beat her she'll ask for your number.

Now, it's been a while since I last fully mentioned my team... let's take care of that now:

Current Team: Quilava (lv. 14), Unown K (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 6), Mareep (lv. 6), Wooper (lv. 6), Mystery Egg

Ok... continuing on... from the cellphone girl head down to the left, and down until you appear at a lake. Continue down from the lake to battle a trainer with a level 9 male NIDORAN. Take him out and continue down, but make a sharp right, then up for a GREAT BALL. Head down, then head on over to the right, then up onto the brige over the water. Here you may choose to fight any or all of the three fisherman. Take them on to level-up your freshly caught pokemon. The bridge will turn out to be tough business if you chose Cyndaquil as your starter. Be sure to take full advantage of Magikarp fisherman by using only your newest pokemon (Magikarp only knows one move... and it does absolutly nothing, so there's no need to bring out the big guns). Watch out for his level 15 Magikarp, however, it knows tackle.

Around this time your mother should be calling you about an item she bought for you (I'll break the suspence and just tell you, it's a SUPER POTION).

After you've knocked out all three bridge fishermen, you'll probably be in need of a heal. But don't worry, after one more trainer you'll get your chance. Leave the bridge heading down and to the left. Aha! Another trainer... when will we ever have a nice peaceful walk anymore? Whallop his lv. 10 Wooper and continue heading down ROUTE 32.

See that fat dude leaning against the tree? He's gonna try and sell you an illegal SLOWPOKETAIL... it's too expensive... unless you've been using game-shark codes to boost how much money you have, which I hope you haven't... codes just ruin the challange. Now you can breath a sigh of relief as you enter the glorious Pokecenter out in the middle of nowhere. Heal, and don't forget to go to the PC and grab the SUPER POTION mom left for you. Talk to the dude in the hat to obtain OLD ROD.

Now exit the Pokecenter and... wait! Why are you heading down... are you THAT blind? Ahem... ok, scoot up into that little path behind the Pokecenter. Walk all the way to the end of the little path, turn around, take a step, turn back around facing right... hit 'A'... yes, a hidden GREAT BALL. All righty, NOW you may head down! Oh what a surpise, another trainer *eyeroll* this is getting to be a bit tedious. He'll notice your bright shiney badge and challange you to a duel~* Ok... so I'm being over dramatic... pounce his PIDGEYs and be done with it.

My adorable MAREEP has now reached level 9 and learned the first electric attack of the game, THUNDERSHOCK! Ahh... can you tell that electric is my favorite type? All right... all right, moving on...

Around now that annoying JOEY kid has called my "in-game" cell one too many times... so let's delete him from our phones shall we? Go into your PokeGear, choose the cellie, choose JOEY, and then DELETE from the menu. Don't worry, you can always get his number again later. At this point in the game JOEY is useless, he was basically just a character to show us how to add people to our phonelist.

At long last we have arrived at the entrance to UNION CAVE! Guess what time it is? That's right, it's time for me to leave you for the night. G'nite all!

Ending Time: 3 hours 43min
Ending Location: UNION CAVE
Ending Team: Quilava (lv. 15), Unown K (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 7), Mareep (lv. 9), Wooper (lv. 6), Mystery Egg
- ][ 1 p o k e m o n | c a p t u r e d ? ][ -

Pokemon Gold : Day 3 : SPROUT TOWER / VIOLET CITY [12 Feb 2004|11:54pm]
Starting Time: 1 hour 32min
Starting Team: Cyndaquil (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 2), Unown (lv. 5)

So I waltz into SPROUT TOWER. The lower level is occupied by sight-seers and old foggies. Talk to them for a little history about SPROUT TOWER, the head on up to the back left and on up the stairs. As you can imagine from the name of the tower, all of the people you face here will be battling with Bellsprouts. So you're in a lot of luck if you chose Cyndaquil as your starter, as I did (you can breeze through all the bellsprouts with "Ember" which Cyndaquil learns at level 12. On the second floor you can choose to battle the first Sage (you should battle them all, to level up before the first gym), or slip past to the steps when he's not looking. You're back on the first floor in a hallway.

Nab that PARLYZ HEAL and continue scooting on to the left. The next Sage is unavoidable, so make sure your team is well healed. Burn up his Bellsprouts, take his money, and head up the stairs below. When you pop out on the second floor again, head up and grab the X DEFEND, then head down to the third (second unavoidable) Sage. Same deal as the last two, kick his tail (my Cyndaquil is now at lv. 13) and continue right.

At this point I'm going to give my Cyndaquil a break and try battling with my level 5 Unown (henseforth known as K). Continue right, zip up the stairs and go immediately to the left for the POTION. Then head up through the last few Sages.

Unown K's 'HIDDEN POWER' is super effective against Bellsprouts! Level 5 K knocked out one level 6 Bellsprout in two hits for a full level raise to 6. WAY TO GO K!!!

Beating a second level 6 Bellsprout brings K just shy of level 7. The third Bellsprout (lv. 7) brings K well past 7 and 3/4ths to level 8, but the third Sage on the third floor has a Hoothoot, so I give K a breather and bring Cyndaquil back out. a couple tackles do the Hoothoot in. Head up around the center pole, but LOOK OUT, is it an earthquake? No... your rival is here, getting his FLASH HM before you!

After babbling about his pokemon for a minute he leaves you alone with the Sage without a battle. Shake it off and head up to the right corner of the room for an ESCAPE ROPE. Now face that final Sage (he has: two lv. 7 Bellsprouts and a lv. 10 Hoothoot), to obtain the FLASH HM05 (however, none of my current pokemon can use the FLASH HM... but I'll worry about that later, it's not needed at the moment).

At the end of the last battle my Cyndaquil reached level 14, and evolved into Quilava (one of the most handsome pokemon in the game).

Use the ESCAPE ROPE to exit SPROUT TOWER in a jiffy, then head on over to the pokecenter for a much needed heal.

At this point my starter is looking good, but I'd like a more rounded out team before the first gym, so I head out into the wild to see what I can catch. An electric pokemon would be wonderful for the first gym, but unfortunately there are none to be had yet, at this early point in the game. I could trade over a Pikachu from one of my other carts, but I'll just tough it out with what I have.

Exit VIOLET TOWN to the right and search the grassy area just outside the entrance. It's slim pickin's. A Rattata/Raticate might be good muscle for the first gym, and Spinark and Bellsprout might be useful later on in the game. Catch'em now, or just train what you have.

Train a bit out there, then head back on into town for the first gym, and your first badge~!

Ending Time: 2 hours 7min
Ending Location: VIOLET CITY / 1st GYM
Ending Team: Quilava (lv. 14), Unown K (lv. 8), Zubat (lv. 2),
- ][ c a p t u r e d ? ][ -

Pokemon Gold : Day 2 : DARK CAVE / VIOLET CITY [11 Feb 2004|11:22pm]
Starting Time: 43min
Starting Location: just outside of VIOLET CITY
Starting Team: Cyndaquil (lv. 11), Zubat (lv. 2)

I always look around at the inside entrance of DARK CAVE, even though I don't have FLASH yet at this point. When I was playing Crystal the very first pokemon I encountered, doing this very same thing, was a Dunsparce. I either got lucky, or they happened to be swarming at the time. No such luck this time, just a handful of Geodudes and the Zubat I added to my current team.

My biggest mistake is usually getting my starter up to high right off the bat. Then I have to travel on further into the game in order to catch anything, because my starter will be knocking the wild lv. 2's and 3's out in one hit. So I decided to be more on the ball and grab the low level Zubat on the idea that that this would be my widdler-poke for catching others (so that I could continue to level up my Cyndaquil).

All right, done inside the DARK CAVE. I head back out and to the left, nab the ANTIDOTE, and continue to the left. Pass the lake, pick the BITTER BERRY, venture down and score the pokeball. Then boom, you face a BUG CATCHER with a weak-ass team of Caterpies and a Weedle. Boring and easy, so I'll spare you the details.

I brew a pot of coffee... oh, no, not in the game silly, obviously. This is going to be a long night... *ahem*

At last! We've arrived at VIOLET CITY! The girl at the entrance reminds me to call home, which reminds me to tell you (the reader of this journal) that you should always let your mother save half of your money for you when she asks at the beginning of the game. Why? Because as the game progresses she'll use some of your money to buy you items, including many neat things for your room (my bedroom in Crystal is quite pretty by the way: pink bed sheets, several dolls (I have Pikachu and Gengar on display), a Clefairy poster, and a giant Snorlax doll... *cuddles*)... *ahem* So... moving right along...

Heal up at the pokecenter and chat about town. I already know who's who in the game, but when you're first playing the game, or have gotten rusty, it's important to talk to EVERYONE you see, sometimes twice, especially if they happen to be an important character, or seem to want something. I can't stress this enough, always, always talk to trainers after you fight them, they may give you hints, tips, or information relevant to completing the game.

There's a kid here who will trade you an Onix for a Bellsprout... not a very benificial trade (yet... you might want it later if you want a Steelix and haven't yet caught your own Onix), but good to know, anyway.

Head on over the GYM, and talk to the fat dude in the green shirt. He's the teacher and will lead you back to his classroom, he doesn't give you anything, but it's amusing to watch him spin around none-the-less.

Head left past the gym, talk to the boy who informs you of the "wiggly tree", then head up and out to the left were you'll meet three people, including Thursday, who will give you 'Hard Stone' (It's Thursday today... so, yeay!). Keep left and take a peek at "the tree" (Sudowoodo) and then head back right, but make a sharp turn downward and visit THE RUINS OF ALPH.

Oh, oops! My cell is ringing (yes, in the game)... it's that Joey kid who was blocking the road back at the beginning of the game... how annoying... moving on...

Head into the Ruins and head right on into the first cave. Try the puzzle. It's a panel puzzle of Kabuto... slide the pieces around... there's no real trick to it. There will be an Earthquake, and the floor will fall through dropping you into another area of the Ruins... you've just unleashed the first few 'unown' pokemon. Walk around this new room and catch a few before leaving.

Tonight I decided to catch one (K, to be exact) for my team, even though I have the whole collection of them over on my Crystal cart... it might be fun to actually make one part of my team for once. So, all done, now head out of the Ruins via the exit down and to the right of the cave you leave. Head up and pick the PRZCUREBERRY. Continue up and you're back in VIOLET CITY in front of FAULKNER's gym.

Not wanting to bother with the gym just yet, I'm heading up to SPROUT TOWER.

Here is where I leave you for today. Thanks for reading!

Ending Time: 1 hour 32min
Ending Team: Cyndaquil (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 2), Unown (lv. 5)
- ][ c a p t u r e d ? ][ -

Pokemon Gold : Day 1 : START [11 Feb 2004|07:37pm]
I've been waiting for Fire Red and Leaf Green to be released in the US, so that I can add on to my Sapphire base cart. So last night I decided to restart Gold in the meantime (I would have rather re-played Crystal, but since it is my base cart for the GB and GBC only games, I had no choice but to choose one of the other carts).

So... Gold begins as usual as usual, you pick a starter, visit Mr. Pokemon, return with MYSTERY EGG, fight your rival, and then head out for VIOLET CITY. That is where I am right now, just outside of VIOLET CITY, with a level 11 Cyndaquil.

That's all for now.
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