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Pokemon Gold : Day 4 : VIOLET CITY GYM / ROUTE 32

Starting Time: 2 hours 7min
Starting Location: VIOLET CITY / 1st GYM
Starting Team: Quilava (lv. 14), Unown K (lv. 8), Zubat (lv. 2)

After training a bit more around the outside of VIOLET CITY, break into the gym and squash the two trainers and Faulkner. My leve 9/10 Unown K blazed through all the level 7~9 flyers with Hidden Power (K's HIDDEN POWER is super effective against grass and flying types).

As soon as you exit the gym Prof. Elm will call and tell you to meet his assistant at the VIOLET CITY Pokecenter with important news about the MYSTERY EGG. Head over and get the egg from him. The egg will hatch sooner or later based on the number of steps you take in the game, so, if you like, walk around town for a bit before heading back to the gym and down the path to ROUTE 32. Make sure you heal before leaving the Pokecenter.

Head down the path, past the RUINS OF ALPH's East entrance and past a trainer who will not challange you. Stop and talk to him to obtain MIRACLE SEED, and continue on down. Here you'll encounter two new pokemon, MAREEP and WOOPER. I nabbed one of each for my team. MAREEP will eventually fully evolve into AMPHAROS later on, one of my favorite electric types, so be sure to get one for yourself.

Head down a bit more to face the first trainer on ROUTE 32. Take him out, then head down a few steps, to the left a few steps, and then down again for a POTION. Come out of the grass and around to the right again to battle the girl on her cellie. After making a fuss she'll battle you with a female NIDORAN. After you beat her she'll ask for your number.

Now, it's been a while since I last fully mentioned my team... let's take care of that now:

Current Team: Quilava (lv. 14), Unown K (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 6), Mareep (lv. 6), Wooper (lv. 6), Mystery Egg

Ok... continuing on... from the cellphone girl head down to the left, and down until you appear at a lake. Continue down from the lake to battle a trainer with a level 9 male NIDORAN. Take him out and continue down, but make a sharp right, then up for a GREAT BALL. Head down, then head on over to the right, then up onto the brige over the water. Here you may choose to fight any or all of the three fisherman. Take them on to level-up your freshly caught pokemon. The bridge will turn out to be tough business if you chose Cyndaquil as your starter. Be sure to take full advantage of Magikarp fisherman by using only your newest pokemon (Magikarp only knows one move... and it does absolutly nothing, so there's no need to bring out the big guns). Watch out for his level 15 Magikarp, however, it knows tackle.

Around this time your mother should be calling you about an item she bought for you (I'll break the suspence and just tell you, it's a SUPER POTION).

After you've knocked out all three bridge fishermen, you'll probably be in need of a heal. But don't worry, after one more trainer you'll get your chance. Leave the bridge heading down and to the left. Aha! Another trainer... when will we ever have a nice peaceful walk anymore? Whallop his lv. 10 Wooper and continue heading down ROUTE 32.

See that fat dude leaning against the tree? He's gonna try and sell you an illegal SLOWPOKETAIL... it's too expensive... unless you've been using game-shark codes to boost how much money you have, which I hope you haven't... codes just ruin the challange. Now you can breath a sigh of relief as you enter the glorious Pokecenter out in the middle of nowhere. Heal, and don't forget to go to the PC and grab the SUPER POTION mom left for you. Talk to the dude in the hat to obtain OLD ROD.

Now exit the Pokecenter and... wait! Why are you heading down... are you THAT blind? Ahem... ok, scoot up into that little path behind the Pokecenter. Walk all the way to the end of the little path, turn around, take a step, turn back around facing right... hit 'A'... yes, a hidden GREAT BALL. All righty, NOW you may head down! Oh what a surpise, another trainer *eyeroll* this is getting to be a bit tedious. He'll notice your bright shiney badge and challange you to a duel~* Ok... so I'm being over dramatic... pounce his PIDGEYs and be done with it.

My adorable MAREEP has now reached level 9 and learned the first electric attack of the game, THUNDERSHOCK! Ahh... can you tell that electric is my favorite type? All right... all right, moving on...

Around now that annoying JOEY kid has called my "in-game" cell one too many times... so let's delete him from our phones shall we? Go into your PokeGear, choose the cellie, choose JOEY, and then DELETE from the menu. Don't worry, you can always get his number again later. At this point in the game JOEY is useless, he was basically just a character to show us how to add people to our phonelist.

At long last we have arrived at the entrance to UNION CAVE! Guess what time it is? That's right, it's time for me to leave you for the night. G'nite all!

Ending Time: 3 hours 43min
Ending Location: UNION CAVE
Ending Team: Quilava (lv. 15), Unown K (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 7), Mareep (lv. 9), Wooper (lv. 6), Mystery Egg
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