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Starting Time: 3 hours 43min
Starting Location: UNION CAVE
Starting Team: Quilava (lv. 15), Unown K (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 7), Mareep (lv. 9), Wooper (lv. 6), Mystery Egg

I'm going to stop using my Unown K for the rest of the game. So here is what I've learned about him: Unown K's HIDDEN POWER is super effective against; Flying, Rock, and Grass type pokemon, but very uneffective against Fire and Psychic type pokemon. Unown K is resistant to Fire type attacks.

The next few areas of the game are easy and quick. I guess the makers of the game are just as impatient about getting to the "good part" as you are. So hurry on into UNION CAVE with a healed team. Unlike some other areas of the game, and past games, UNION CAVE is not a maze, simply walk on through and you can't get lost. UNION CAVE is home to Geodude, Onix, Zubat, and Sandshrew. So pick some up if you like rock-types. Right away to the end of the first "hallway" there will be your first (skipable) trainer (lv. 11 Onix) and a POTION. Beat him with your leveled up Wooper or an Unknown K (if you have one). After that you'll fight two more trainers with level 6~8 Geodudes and Koffings.

Before you exit the cave at the bottom right, loop up to the left and battle the trainer infront of the ladder (lv. 10 Slowpoke, lv. 9 Vulpix). Go down this ladder to find TM39, Swift! Don't forget to also pick up the X DEFEND, AWAKENING, GREAT BALL, and X ATTACK that are scattered (and easily spotted) around the cave before you exit on to ROUTE 33.

ROUTE 33 is home to a new pokemon, Hoppip, so be sure to catch one for yourself. There will be a trainer here with a lv. 11 geodude and machop. Before long you'll come up upon a man dressed in black blocking the way down a ladder, this is the SLOWPOKE WELL just outside of Azalea. Remember the shady guy a little while back who was trying to sell you Slowpoke tails? This is where he got them from. TEAM ROCKET has taken all the AZALEA TOWN Slowpoke and cut their tails off! He won't fight you and won't let you pass, so continue on into AZALEA TOWN to the left.

As usual, talk to everyone, and explore every building. Eventually you will come upon a house with a tree behind it. Pick the tree for a WHT APRICORN. Then head on into the house. Here you'll meet Kurt the pokeball maker, and his young daughter. He'll give you LURE BALL (good for catching pokemon that you find by fishing) and you'll tell him about the strange man by the well and he'll race off toward the SLOWPOKE WELL. Head back to the well and go down the ladder. Kurt will be hurt and ask you to go ahead into the well and battle the TEAM ROCKET grunts. There are only two who will battle you with realtively low level Rattatas.

Now head back into town and talk to Kurt again. After talking to him, exit his house and re-enter, now he will ask you if you'd like him to make you a pokeball with an apricorn. Give him your WHT APRICORN and he'll ask you to come back tomorrow for it.

Congrats, you've saved the Slowpoke!

Now it's time to face the second gym for your second badge. Train a bit more if you need. Here you'll want to battle with your MAREEP/FLAAFFY (electric type) and your QUILAVA (if you chose Cyndaquil as your starter), as all the trainers and the gym leader will be using only bug pokemon, which are weak against Fire and Electric attacks. It should be easy if you've been training well along the way.

After the gym it's time to make our way on to the next city, via the mysteriously creepy ILLEX FOREST! MAke sure you heal at the pokecenter before even going NEAR the left exit, because you'll have to face your rival before entering ILLEX FOREST! He may be rather tough, depending on how well you've trained, and what types you have. After beating your rival, head right on in, talk to the young man standing just above the first bank of trees, he'll tell you that he's lost his master's FARFETCH'D. Head on deeper into the woods and talk to the FARFETCH'D, each time he will caw and run away from you deeper into the forest, when you get him in an open area, walk around to his right and talk to him, this way he will run off down and to the left, back to the young man. The master will be there and will give you the HM CUT!

Since you've already beaten the gym in AZALEA, you can use it right away. Teach it to one of your pokemon. Before you cut through the tree just above where the master and Farfetch'd are standing, go back through the forest the way you chased the bird pokemon, and find the man standing over a ledge by some small trees. Talk to him for the HEADBUTT move. If you want to try it out, teach it to one of you pokemon, now you can knock pokemon out of small trees by walking up to one and pressing 'A'.

Now you can go back to where the CUT master is and head up through the rest of ILLEX FOREST. Simply wind your way through until you arrive at a building, the entrance to GOLDENROD CITY!

It should be around now, or in a few minutes that your MYSTERY EGG will hatch (I hope you've kept it with you this whole time)! If so, you'll be the happy new owner of a TOGEPI! My TOGEPI hatched as I was chasing FARFETCH'D, so when I got the HEADBUTT move, I put it on TOGEPI.

Head on through the entrance and face the four trainers just outside the city limits.

Ending Time: 5 hours 32min
Ending Location: GOLDENROD CITY
Ending Team: Quilava (lv. 17), Flaaffy (lv. 17), Zubat (lv. 11), Togepi (lv. 10), Wooper (lv. 6), Hoppip (lv. 6)
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