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Pokemon Ruby : Day 2 : PETALBURG CITY / ROUTE 104 / WOODS

Starting Time: 1:27
Starting Location: PETALBURG CITY
Starting Team: Torchic (lv. 11), Ralts (lv. 6), Poochyena (lv. 3)

Before I head into PETALBURG CITY I trained my Ralts up to lv. 10 (want her to be my main poke, with Torchic secondary), and caught a Zigzagoon to pick up items as I trained. She picked up a SUPER POTION and two RARE CANDIES.

All righty... so head on in to PETALBURG CITY, head straight to the POKECENTER and heal up. While you're there, talk to the guy standing next to the computer. He will ask for your profile, tell him "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING" (I'll explain why later on). Head out of the POKECENTER and talk to the lady to the left. This is WALLY's (your second rival) mother.

The POKEMART here carries: POKEBALL, POTION, ANTIDOTE, PARLYZ HEAL, AWAKENING, ESCAPE ROPE, REPEL, X SPEED, X ATTACK, X DEFEND, and ORANGE MAIL. If your Zigzagoon picked up any NUGGETS, sell them here. Buy several POKEBALLS, you'll be encountering new pokemon in a few moments. Also deposit any pokemon you don't want to use any longer in your box, to make room for the new pokemon you'll catch. I dropped off Poochyena.

Talk around town as usual, then head up to the house to the left of the GYM, a boy will stop you to talk. He will show you the PETALBURG GYM then go back to where he was. You will not be able to visit the house (WALLY's house) until you go inside the GYM and talk to your father. So head on in.

WALLY will enter the GYM and ask your father for a pokemon. Your father will have you go show WALLY how to capture pokemon. He'll catch a Ralts. After all that, head out of the GYM and go to the house to the left.

That's all the action there is in PETALBURG for the moment, so head out of the city to the left. Now you're on ROUTE 104. Walk around a bit, talk to people. Catch a Taillow or a Wingull here if you'd like. Hit the beach and battle the trainer there (the running kid - lv. 6 Seedot and a lv. 8 Taillow). No one is home at MR. BRINEY's cottage... so head out of ROUTE 104. Grab the berries from the colorful trees on your way out (2 ORAN, and 2 PECHA). Head to the left from the trees and battle the trainer there (lv. 7 Zigzagoon). Up a bit and now you're in PETALBURG WOODS.

Once in the woods, hang a right, talk to the guy there for a moment, and then continue to the right. See that empty spot in the grass? Walk next to it (not on it), face it, and press 'A'. You just scored a POTION. Now head down and out of the woods to the upper level of ROUTE 104 that you couldn't reach before. Grab the POKEBALL on the ground, then leap down the hill, and loop back up and too the right to the original entrance to PETALBURG WOODS. This time go left and battle the BUGCATCHER (he has six lv. 3 Wurmples... how boring). During this battle my Ralts raised to lv. 11 and learned DOUBLE TEAM.

In PETALBURG WOODS you'll run into Shroomish. It's a good idea to catch a couple. You'll want to store some in your box (you'll need them later in the game) and train one, as it evolves into quite a good little fighter/grass type. I caught one for my team. You will also run into Silcoon (which evolves into Beautifly) and Cascoon (which evolves into Dustox). Silcoon and Cascoon are two different (conditional) evolves of Wurmple. But, instead of training two Wurmples and hoping for each, just catch them in the wild. I've never used a Dustox before, so I'll catch a Cascoon and train it.

After you've picked up your new pokemon, train around a bit to balance out the levels of your team. You no longer need lv. 3 pokemon, so raise everyone up to at least 8~9, and leave one (Zigzagoon, in my case) at lv. 5~6 for catching purposes. A little rule of thumb: Whichever pokemon you designate as the one you will use to harm (but not KO) pokemon that you want to catch, keep them at, or one level under the general level of the wild pokemon in the area you are in.

Let's continue to wind through PETALBURG WOODS as we train. Grab the PARLYZ HEAL just beyond the BUGCATCHER you battled just before. Head right, the up and you'll encounter a man who is looking around for a Shroomish. Suddenly a TEAM MAGMA grunt will appear and battle you (lv. 9 Poochyena). After the battle the man will reward you with a GREAT BALL. Now continue on through the woods heading up and left.

You'll encounter a non-trainer kid who brilliantly tells you not to walk in the grass, even though that is impossible at the moment. While training around my Shroomish hits lv. 7 and learns STUNE SPORE. My Cascoon also reaches lv. 7. Continue left, loop up and battle the second BUGCATCHER (lv. 8 Nincada). Go up and grab the ETHER. Head right. You'll see two small trees. Those can be cut down later once you've taught CUT to one of your pokemon, and earned the next badge. Up a bit is the exit from the woods into the second half of ROUTE 104. If you've trained enough, head on up and out.

Once you are out of the woods, make a left and get TM09 (BULLET SEED) from the kid standing there, also be sure to pick the berries (2 Cheri and 2 Oran). Go up and go into the PRETTY PETAL FLOWER SHOP. Talk to the girls there. One of them will give you the WAILMER PAIL which you can use to replant and water berries. Another girl will give you a Pecha berry. Once you're done, head out of the shop, go left and loop up around the back of the shop. Stand by the first empty patch in the grass, face it and press 'A' there's a POKEBALL, now grab the POTION, Now check all the other empty patches, as you did with the first one. You'll score a SUPER POTION.

Now head out from behind the shop and go right. Battle the two girl trainers (lv. 7 Zigzagoon) and then (lv. 7 Lotad and lv. 7 Shroomish). Now head up onto the bridge and battle the twins. This is your first two-on-two battle (skipable), so arrange your pokemon so that the first two you want to battle with are up front. They will battle with a lv. 7 Seedot and a lv. 7 Lotad. Continue up, then make a right and battle the fisherman (three lv. 6 Magicarp). Go to the right some more and pick the two Cheri berries and the two Leppa berries. Talk to the old lady and she'll give you a Chesto berry.

Now head back left a bit and up. When you come to the fence, go to the right and loop around up behind the fence and follow the little path there. At the end of the path is an X DEFEND. Snag it, and wind back down and out.

Now go left and then up into RUSTBORO CITY!

Ending Time: 3:35
Ending Location: RUSTBORO CITY
Ending Team: Torchic (lv. 12), Ralts (lv. 11), Shroomish (lv. 8), Cascoon (lv. 8), Zigzagoon (lv. 4)
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