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Pokemon Ruby : Day 3 : RUSTBORO CITY

Starting Time: 3:35
Starting Location: RUSTBORO CITY
Starting Team: Torchic (lv. 12), Ralts (lv. 11), Shroomish (lv. 8), Cascoon (lv. 8), Zigzagoon (lv. 4)

Before heading on into RUSTBORO I trained my Shroomish up to lv. 12 and Cascoon up to lv. 10. Shroomish learned LEECH SEED at lv. 10, and Cascoon evolved into Dustox and learned CONFUSION. Ok... onward!

As usual, talk around town (even though the city is overrun with toddlers!!), visit all the buildings, and so on. The first building you see, to the left, as you enter the city is the DEVON CORP. apartment building, on the second floor a little kid will give you the PREMIER BALL. The POKEMART here stocks; POKEBALL, POTION, SUPER POTION, ANTIDOTE, PARLYZ HEAL, ESCAPE ROPE, REPEL, X SPEED, X ATTACK, and X DEFEND.

The house next the the POKECENTER is CUTTER'S HOUSE, drop in there for a visit and get HM01 CUT. Across the street from the POKECENTER, to the right is the SCHOOL, talk to the teacher there for the QUICK CLAW item. The building to the right of the GYM is home to one of the dozens of little toddlers that populate RUSTBORO, he'll want to trade you Makuhita for a Slakoth. I wouldn't bother, really.

Before heading into the big DEVON CORP. building, go ahead and face the GYM and claim your first badge. If you chose Mudkip as your starter this GYM will be a snap, if not your Shroomish's ABSORB move should be just fine. The first GYM trainee will use three Geodudes (lv. 10, 8, and 6), the second (lv. 11 Geodude), ROXANNE will battle with a lv. 14 Geodude and a lv. 15 Nosepass. After your Shroomish or Mudkip kicks her butt you'll get the STONE BADGE, the ability to use HM01 CUT outside of battle, and as a bonus she'll give you TM39 ROCK TOMB.

After you exit the GYM, begin heading left toward DEVON CORP. A Team Magma grunt will run past, he's stolen the DEVON GOODS, he will be followed by the man you met looking for a Shroomish in PETALBURG WOODS. The man will chase the Magma grunt up and out of view. Follow them up to the exit of RUSTBORO, but don't head right just yet, continue up and out of the city, and onto ROUTE 115. Keep going until you see the beach, head onto the beach and go to the very top, where a SUPER POTION will be waiting to be grabbed. Then head back out of the beach and down to the entrance of RUSTBORO and hang a right.

As you walk past the man he will recognize you and ask you to help retrieve the GOODS. So continue to the right onto ROUTE 116, home to wild Whismurs. You'll come to a split in the path. First head up and right, and battle the trainer there (lv. 8 Zigzagoon, lv. 10 Machop). Then loop back left and down, then right and battle that trainer (lv. 8 Wurmple, lv. 8 Silcoon, lv. 8 Nincada). Don't forget to check the empty grass patches for a REPEL. You'll pass two more trainers, a girl (lv. 10 Marill) and a hiker (three lv. 8 Geodudes).

Now loop up and to the left a smidge to the little tree maze and cut the first tiny tree (teach one of your pokemon the CUT move, I put mine on my Zigzagoon). As you cut through the trees on your way to the stand of berry trees, you'll face two trainers. The little nerdy guy will battle with a lv. 10 Ralts, the girl with a lv. 9 Shroomish and Whismur. You're reward is an ETHER, six Pinap berries, and two Chesto berries. Don't forget to water the Chesto seedling before you leave.

Head back out of the tree maze and make your way to the right for a bit until you reach the tunnel entrance. Before entering the tunnel climb up onto the mountain and grab the X SPECIAL that's waiting there. Then make your way back to the tunnel. Mr. Briney is there, talk to him for a moment, then enter the tunnel. First head up to the platform and grab the POKEBALL, then come back down and head right through the tunnel. As you approch PEEKO and the Team Magma grunt he'll back away. Keep approching him and finally he will stop and battle with a lv. 11 Poochyena. Now you're got the DEVON GOODS, and Mr. Briney will appear to retrieve PEEKO. He'll thank you and inform you that he owes you a favor.

Head back left trhough ROUTE 116 until you are back in RUSTBORO. The man will stop you to get the GOODS and thank you. He'll always reward you with a GREAT BALL. He'll then take you back to DEVON CORP. where you'll meet Mr. Stone, head of DEVON. Mr. Stone will ask you to deliver the GOODS to the shipyard in SLATEPORT, and also a letter to DEWFORD. He'll then give you the POKENAV. As you leave the office, on the second floor talk to all the scientists, one of them will say he's working on a project to restore fossils to their original form. Remember him.

Head down and out of RUSTBORO. May will be there near the lower exit, but don't worry, she won't battle you. Head down through ROUTE 104. After you cross the bridge the twins are on, make a right to the little tree and cut it to reach the X ACCURACY. Then continue to head down to the WOODS. When you enter make a right to the two little trees, cut them and continue right. If you head up a little you'll see an empty spot that seems as if something should be there, stand in front of it and hit 'A' for a TINY MUSHROOM. Also, talk to the girl who is standing nearby, she will give you the MIRACLE SEED hold item.

Continue up and to the right, grab the GREAT BALL, then head down. Go straight down as far as possible, face the empty patch to score abother TINY MUSHROOM. Now loop up, too the left, and up some more, snag the X ATTACK, then head down and out of the WOODS exit. You're now back on ROUTE 104, jump the ledge and head left to Mr. Briney's cottage. Talk to him and sail off to DEWFORD!

Ending Time: 5:10
Ending Location: DEWFORD
Ending Team: Torchic (lv. 13), Ralts (lv. 13), Shroomish (lv. 14), Dustox (lv. 12), Zigzagoon (lv. 5)
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