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Leaf Green Progress

Name: Natsuki
Character: Female
ID #: 44794
Carts Used: Leaf Green
Badges: 8
Beat Elite Four: Yes
1st Hall of Fame: 37:32:20
Card: green, one star, hall of fame sticker, team icons
Captured (kanto): 94
Captured (national/total): 112
Unowns?: 13 (out of 26 kinds)
Shiny/Alt. Color?: None
Total Play Time: 46:00
Current Location: Seven Island, Rixy Chamber
Current Team:
Raichu (lv. 59) - Double Team, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Slam
w/(quick claw item)
Gyarados (lv. 58) - Rock Smash, Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Surf
w/ (mystic water item)
Farfech'd (lv. 58) - Swords Dance, Fly, Cut, False Swipe
w/ (stick item)
Articuno (lv. 53) - Mind Reader, Agility, Ice Beam, Blizzard
w/ (nevermeltice item)
Togepi (lv. 32) - Yawn, Ancientpower, Metronome, Wish
w/ (amulet coin item)
Chancey (lv. 26) - Minimize, Double Slap, Refresh, Softboiled
w/ (lucky punch item)

I've returned the ruby and sapphire to Celio, so I should be able to trade my 200 Ru/Sa pokes over to Leaf now (and vice versa), so my nation dex total will leap to around 300 or so, after trading and retrading pokes between the two. That is going to take a DECADE to do... sheez.
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