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Pokemon Gold : Day 2 : DARK CAVE / VIOLET CITY

Starting Time: 43min
Starting Location: just outside of VIOLET CITY
Starting Team: Cyndaquil (lv. 11), Zubat (lv. 2)

I always look around at the inside entrance of DARK CAVE, even though I don't have FLASH yet at this point. When I was playing Crystal the very first pokemon I encountered, doing this very same thing, was a Dunsparce. I either got lucky, or they happened to be swarming at the time. No such luck this time, just a handful of Geodudes and the Zubat I added to my current team.

My biggest mistake is usually getting my starter up to high right off the bat. Then I have to travel on further into the game in order to catch anything, because my starter will be knocking the wild lv. 2's and 3's out in one hit. So I decided to be more on the ball and grab the low level Zubat on the idea that that this would be my widdler-poke for catching others (so that I could continue to level up my Cyndaquil).

All right, done inside the DARK CAVE. I head back out and to the left, nab the ANTIDOTE, and continue to the left. Pass the lake, pick the BITTER BERRY, venture down and score the pokeball. Then boom, you face a BUG CATCHER with a weak-ass team of Caterpies and a Weedle. Boring and easy, so I'll spare you the details.

I brew a pot of coffee... oh, no, not in the game silly, obviously. This is going to be a long night... *ahem*

At last! We've arrived at VIOLET CITY! The girl at the entrance reminds me to call home, which reminds me to tell you (the reader of this journal) that you should always let your mother save half of your money for you when she asks at the beginning of the game. Why? Because as the game progresses she'll use some of your money to buy you items, including many neat things for your room (my bedroom in Crystal is quite pretty by the way: pink bed sheets, several dolls (I have Pikachu and Gengar on display), a Clefairy poster, and a giant Snorlax doll... *cuddles*)... *ahem* So... moving right along...

Heal up at the pokecenter and chat about town. I already know who's who in the game, but when you're first playing the game, or have gotten rusty, it's important to talk to EVERYONE you see, sometimes twice, especially if they happen to be an important character, or seem to want something. I can't stress this enough, always, always talk to trainers after you fight them, they may give you hints, tips, or information relevant to completing the game.

There's a kid here who will trade you an Onix for a Bellsprout... not a very benificial trade (yet... you might want it later if you want a Steelix and haven't yet caught your own Onix), but good to know, anyway.

Head on over the GYM, and talk to the fat dude in the green shirt. He's the teacher and will lead you back to his classroom, he doesn't give you anything, but it's amusing to watch him spin around none-the-less.

Head left past the gym, talk to the boy who informs you of the "wiggly tree", then head up and out to the left were you'll meet three people, including Thursday, who will give you 'Hard Stone' (It's Thursday today... so, yeay!). Keep left and take a peek at "the tree" (Sudowoodo) and then head back right, but make a sharp turn downward and visit THE RUINS OF ALPH.

Oh, oops! My cell is ringing (yes, in the game)... it's that Joey kid who was blocking the road back at the beginning of the game... how annoying... moving on...

Head into the Ruins and head right on into the first cave. Try the puzzle. It's a panel puzzle of Kabuto... slide the pieces around... there's no real trick to it. There will be an Earthquake, and the floor will fall through dropping you into another area of the Ruins... you've just unleashed the first few 'unown' pokemon. Walk around this new room and catch a few before leaving.

Tonight I decided to catch one (K, to be exact) for my team, even though I have the whole collection of them over on my Crystal cart... it might be fun to actually make one part of my team for once. So, all done, now head out of the Ruins via the exit down and to the right of the cave you leave. Head up and pick the PRZCUREBERRY. Continue up and you're back in VIOLET CITY in front of FAULKNER's gym.

Not wanting to bother with the gym just yet, I'm heading up to SPROUT TOWER.

Here is where I leave you for today. Thanks for reading!

Ending Time: 1 hour 32min
Ending Team: Cyndaquil (lv. 12), Zubat (lv. 2), Unown (lv. 5)
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