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Natsuki's Pokemon Journal

5 January
This is a pokemon journal of natsukigirl. This will be a logging of Pokemon games played and when completed, the memories section could be used as a walkthrough for other players. Please feel free to comment on my choices in pokemon, team, moves etc... during my quests.

I will continue the Ruby walkthrough even after Leaf comes out, however, Leaf will be posted in the majority when I begin it.

Currently Re-Playing: Pokemon Ruby (GBA)

Recently Re-Played: Pokemon Gold (GBC)
- see memories section for beginning walkthrough

Next Playing: Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green (GBA)
- estimated time of journaling start: Early October

My Pokemon Gaming Stats:

Pokemon Crystal:

Name: Natsuki
Character: Female
ID #: 62334
Badges: 16 (all)
Captured: 249
Alt. Color?: 6: Smoochum, Jynx, Gyarados, Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree
Play Time: 138 hours, 22 minutes
Carts Used: B/R/Y, G/S/C

Pokemon Sapphire:

Name: Natsuki
Character: Female
ID #: 04218
Badges: 8 (all)
Captured: 200
Alt. Color?: None
First Hall of Fame: 29 hours, 47 minutes, 16 seconds
Play Time: 117 hours, 35 minutes
Carts Used: Ruby and Sapphire

Personal Plan for New Games:
- Keeping Sapphire as r/s/l/f primary base cart for pokedex
- Leaf as l/f base cart (Fire for other starters/pokes self trading)
- Charmander as starter on Leaf, female self character

- Eventually Pokemon Emerald will be my base cart for ru/sa/le/fi/em series