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- Journal Post -

This particular post is not part of the Pokemon Gold walkthrough.

I just wanted to mention that my recent posts are just to get the journal started. I would have rather started this when Ruby/Sapphire came out, and have it be an actual journal of my personal game play. However, I didn't get the idea for this until just recently.

The main purpose of this journal will eventually be to give a personalized account of my playing of the Fire Red / Leaf Green games that will eventually come out in the US, and the results of trading Fire/Leaf pokemon over to Ru/Sa (in my case, Sapphire, which is my base cart).

So if you think my Pokemon Gold walkthrough is a bit boring (it is sort of boring for me as well, as I have already played it, silver, and crystal already in the past) check back when the new games are released in the US, and it might be more interesting.

Thanks to those of you who are enjoying my recent posts! :)
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