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Pokemon Ruby : Day 1 : START

Starting Time: 0:15
Starting Location: LITTLEROOT TOWN
Starting Team: Torchic (lv. 8)

Start the game as usual, set your text speed (I set mine to fast), choose a character, name, set your room clock, grab the potion from the computer in your room, talk around town, visit your rivals house, then head up to ROUTE 101. Here's you'll save PROF. BIRCH and get to choose your starter. As you can see, I chose Torchic. I always choose the fire starter, at least where my base carts are concerned. Ruby isn't my base cart (which is why I chose it for this replay walkthrough), but I chose Torchic anyway.

After PROF. BIRCH talks your ear off and gives you your starter, head back up to ROUTE 101 for some easy training. Here is where I am now. I've fought several Wurmples, Poochyenas, and Zigzagoons, and raised Torchic to lv. 8. This early in the game, at such low levels, I didn't bother with using Growl or Focus Energy... just use your initial Attack move in battle. Now I'm ready for OLDALE TOWN. So continue heading up.

You probably need to heal (if you saved your POTION, that is) so head into the POKECENTER and heal your starter. After you've healed, head up and talk to the lady in the apron. She's the POKEMART lady, she'll show you to the POKEMART and give you a POTION. When she's done, check out the store. You can buy POTION, ANTIDOTE, PARLYZ HEAL, and AWAKENING here. I'm not stocking up on items just yet. Then walk and talk around town. You can't leave town by the left path yet, the nerdy guy will stop you. So head on up to ROUTE 103.

Avoid fighting too many wild pokemon in ROUTE 103, so you will be in good health when you meet up with MAY (your rival). If you picked Torchic as your starter, she'll battle with with a lv. 5 Mudkip (Treeko if you picked Mudkip, and Torchic if you picked Treeko). Once the battle has ended, head back down to LITTLEROOT. MAY will stop you for a moment in OLDALE to remind you to come home to LITTLEROOT.

Once you're back in LITTLEROOT, head into PROF. BIRCH's lab to recieve your POKEDEX. MAY will also give you five POKEBALLs. Then head out, and go see your mother who is standing outside the front door of your house. She's stop you if you try to walk past. She will give you the RUNNING SHOES. Hold 'B' while walking to run. If you didn't heal in OLDALE on your way home to LITTLEROOT, you can go to your house and talk to you mom, she will ask you to rest, and restore you pokemon to full health.

Exciting so far... right? Hehe

Head back up to OLDALE TOWN. The nerdy guy has stopped blocking the left exit to ROUTE 102, so head to the left. Continue heading left and you'll encounter a couple of trainers who will battle you. The first will battle you with a lv. 5 Zigzagoon, the second with two lv. 4 Wurmples. Easy pickin's. Now my Torchic is up to lv. 10, and has learned Ember.

In the grass of ROUTE 102 you will encounter Seedot (in Sapphire version Seedot is replaced by Lotad) and the psychic type Ralts (which eventually evolves into Gardevoir, one of my favorite pokemon). I caught a lv. 3 Poochyena (for catching new pokemon when Torchic get's too powerful) and a lv. 4 Ralts and then train him around ROUTE 102 for a while. You'll have to put him in front on your team, and then switch him with your starter once the battle starts, because wild Ralts only have Growl to start with.

Or, with your Ralts, you can encounter a Seedot (moves: harden and bide) which can only attack back when attacked, use up all your PP for Growl, and then fight with STRUGGLE (a hidden move pokemon use when all the PP for all of their moves has been used up). Make sure to bring along extra POTION, because if Ralts faints he'll get back all 40PP on the Growl move when you heal him at the POKECENTER, and you'll have to start all over widdling down the PP. Ralts will learn Confusion at lv. 6. Afterwhich you can start leveling him up much faster.

It's also good (yet not essencial) to have a Zigzagoon on your team, as it often picks up items (POTIONS, NUGGETS [which can be sold]... etc) randomly after battles. If you add one to your team, check it for items after every battle, and take them (as Zigzagoon can only pick up and hold one item at a time).

On your way left and up along ROUTE 102 you'll encounter another trainer battle, he has a lv. 5 Poochyena and a lv. 3 Taillow. After you defeat him, go to the colorful trees and pick the berries. 2 Pecha berries and 2 Oran berries can be found here. Oran berries restore 10HP, and can be held by pokemon, and automatically used in battle when their HP hits the yellow zone. Pecha berries heal poisoning, and can also be held and will automatically heal your pokemon in battle if poisoned. Now continue to the left and face the girl trainer (two lv.4 Zigzagoons). After her, head down and grab the POTION. Loop back up and to the left and you've arrived in PETALBURG CITY.

That's all for tonight.

Ending Time: 1:27
Ending Location: PETALBURG CITY
Ending Team: Torchic (lv. 11), Ralts (lv. 6), Poochyena (lv. 3)
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